Good day, and be welcome to look around on this website!

Welcome on the website of José Veltman Dressage.

José is a professional and ambitious dressage rider, who specializes in training of both horses and pupils, after working for several years in major dressage stables and within her own companies:

– ‘José Veltman Dressage Stable’ and

– ‘Key2match’ (coaching through working with horses).

You’ve come to the right place if you want to bring your horse into training and if you want it to be brought out at competitions by José. She’ll be happy to take your horse from Dutch Z class, up until Grand Prix, depending of course on which level the horse is trained. Have a look at horses for sale.

The presentation of your horse in competitions like IBOP/PAVO/SUBLI, but also training and improving of horses wherewith you experience difficulties in riding is possible. Furthermore José can accompany and mediate in buying a suitable horse or selling your horse.

During José’s instruction in training, the central points are: working with the horse in a kind manner, relaxation, straightening and a good posture and seat of the rider. From relaxation she works to tightening the horse in a friendly way, on each level up to Grand Prix.

José runs her profession from the beautiful place of Borculo. The accommodation is excellent and has all possible training facilities. José would like to welcome you to make your acquaintance and show you around.

Hope to see you soon!